TPM 2.0 software

Software with direct TPM 2.0 support

Software with indirect TPM 2.0 support

Ideas for adding TPM 2.0 support

  • WireGuard
  • Tinc
  • NetworkManager/wpa_supplicant 802.1X
  • KDE wallet
  • certbot (to create Certs with PKCS11 support)
  • WebCrypto (Firefox, WebKit, Chromium, epiphany)
  • WebAuthn (Firefox, WebKit, Chromium)
  • OpenSSH HostKey ((non-)PKCS11), ClientKey ((non-)PKCS11)
  • Wireshark TPM Cmd/Rsp/Buffer with TCTI-PCAP module or /dev/tpmrm0 sniffing (partial, TPM-Headers only yet)
  • mbed-crypto / mbed-tls
  • OpenJDK keystore
  • Firefox/Thunderbird/Chromium/epiphany password managers: Epiphany via gnome-keyring ?
  • systemd-journald signing
  • systemd-networkd 802.1x
  • empathy/telepathy jabber (via PKCS11?)
  • GnuPG (also leads to git tag and release signing)
  • Telegram desktop

Please feel free to also add notes to this list wrt means of integration, e.g. if a project could be enabled using tpm2-pkcs11 and p11-kit because it already provides a pkcs11 interfaces for authentication.